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Is Philadelphia the new home market to watch?

Published: 25 May 2017

With the current concerns over urban crowding, it's understandable that new buyers might want to keep their options open for places to live. However, as far as cities go, Philadelphia seems to be attracting attention. Compared to others, it may prove to be a more affordable and strategic place to purchase a home, according to new data from multiple sources.

Latest May mortgage applications rates droop, says MBA

Published: 24 May 2017

The Mortgage Bankers Association survey results for the second week of May are out, and they seem to show a decline. Though it needs to be taken in context, it does possibly add to a continuous dip in application rates for mortgages, with some other statistics also following suit.

What the 2017 housing sales figures say so far

Published: 22 May 2017

With June not far away, the middle point of 2017 is almost here. That gives professionals a chance to reflect on the market trends so far, as well as the most likely paths home sales and other market figures will take. On May 18, the National Association of Realtors released a statement on its Midyear Forecast, which showed some positive patterns, with high sales and conditions for more development.

Millennials bring pros and cons to current housing market

Published: 22 May 2017

Millennials face a lot of scrutiny, including when it comes to housing sales. Right now, opinions differ as to which generation is creating hurdles for the market, but multiple sources seem to think that age demographics are a divisive factor for the current crop of potential buyers. A key debate seems to be whether millennials or the older baby boomer generation is to blame for issues with sales.

Could changes in lifestyle trends affect homeownership?

Published: 18 May 2017

The interests of Millennials as well as the longevity of older Americans are undoubtedly factors on current housing sales. Widespread opinions about aging, retirement and other milestones could continue to change, and force the housing market to evolve with it. It's possible that the needs of the upcoming seniors and middle-age buyers could influence how they handle their property.

Mortgage Bankers Association shows April application drop after

Published: 17 May 2017

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported on both ups and downs for mortgage application rates this year. A release, most recently dated for May 10, said that the Market Composite Index grew 2.4 percent for the first week of May.

Millennial ranking declares best place for this demographic

Published: 17 May 2017

If millennials are set to play a key role in the housing market, then what are the places they'll probably move to the most? To understand that, you need to identify what matters to this demographic, and that's what the neighborhood ranking site Niche recently did.

New study focuses on the impact of credit on buying home insurance

Published: 15 May 2017

The fact that states can have differing title insurance and property laws may seem obvious, but there are other differences that might not be as clear. When the state you're buying property in makes a difference, there's a lot that could influence your ultimate decision, including the strict (or not as strict) relevance of credit scores. A Quadrant Information Services and InsuranceQuotes study looked at the relationship between credit scores, states and the home market.

FBI: Title company fraud complaints spiked in 2016

Published: 15 May 2017

Fraud prevention is an unavoidable issue for real estate companies, including those that handle title. According to a May 4 FBI announcement, 2016 saw a particularly large amount of complaints lodged with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, also known as IC3. 

What makes a 'starter home' in today's economy?

Published: 12 May 2017

The future of the housing market will probably always depend on fresh new buyers searching for a residence. Right now, the much-criticized millennial generation is in the spotlight, as it ages into a more ideal demographic for purchasing real estate. To get their first taste of ownership, new buyers can search for "starter homes" that are affordable and modest, yet still large enough to fit an owner's specifications.

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