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Mortgage rates decline despite Fed increase

Published: 28 Apr 2017

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve made good on its plans to raise the rate for short-term interest. It was one of a series of similar hikes which could happen as soon as this year, but despite this, there seems to have been a decline in mortgage rates.

Change of direction for mortgage rates at end of April

Published: 28 Apr 2017

As April closes out, the mortgage rates seem to be shifting, at least for some classes of loans. In a press release, Bankrate said that mortgages were rebounding, and suggested that may be because of a relative optimism following three weeks of international uncertainty and downward trends.

Census Bureau: New home sales went up in March

Published: 28 Apr 2017

Sales of new homes continued upward last month, according to information from the U.S. Census Bureau. In a joint statement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Bureau said that 621,000 new homes were estimated to have been sold during March (after seasonal adjustments), with a median price of $315,100.

What home-flipping could mean for millennials

Published: 27 Apr 2017

There may be some anxiety over the future of home purchases among younger buyers, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. In fact, The Los Angeles Times recently wrote about the phenomenon of this demographic deciding to renovate depreciated houses and bring up their value. The article combines the terms "house flipping" and "hipster" to call them "flipsters," but is there a more serious reality here that could be a boon to home sales in the future?

Jobs, housing and migration impact possible housing market future

Published: 27 Apr 2017

New home buyers usually can't settle into their houses if they don't have the means to support themselves. As such, there seems to be a possible link between where jobs open up and where housing might be available, though this obviously can vary a lot. The Redfin Migration Report looked at some of the ways that new trends speak to changes as residents chose new places to live, sometimes several states away from their original homes.

New ALTA supplements look to help best title practices

Published: 25 Apr 2017

Given the complex nature of title insurance, it's understandable that companies would need a set of standards to follow to stay aligned. Potential homeowners could stand to benefit as well, which is why both sides may need to pay attention to the new announcement from the American Land Title Association.

Home prices show surprisingly different rates across country

Published: 25 Apr 2017

No interested home buyer probably expects every market in the U.S. to be the same. Certain states have a history for being less expensive than others, and conventional wisdom holds that the city is usually pricier than a less developed urban area, though certainly not always. There are, though, some pieces of information that only come through when you put some of the most obviously different prices against each other for comparison.

Dip in vacation home sales, says NAR

Published: 21 Apr 2017

Several sources have predicted a rise in home sales, or at least an overall improvement as the market evens out while younger buyers finally gain confidence. However, this is a complex picture as there are several different sectors of every housing market, and they might not always appreciate at the same rate.

Survey compares millennial home buyers around the world

Published: 20 Apr 2017

The contrast between the U.S. and its international neighbors has led to debate over the future of the global economy. An HSBC survey recently looked at the explicit differences between millennials around the world that could conceivably buy a home soon.

Mixed news for ARMs in latest MBA survey

Published: 19 Apr 2017

As part of its regular forecasts, the Mortgage Bankers Association released a new statement describing the volume of mortgage applications seen this spring. In the April 19 release about the trend of applications, the MBA said that the Market Composite Index dropped by 1.8 percent. As in many of these statements, there were mixed figures, with some values increasing while others dipped.

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